Start from Small / Home Office to Medium office , 3 port Trunk Line + 8 port Extension ( one main unit , basic configuration ) expandable up to 27 port Trunk Line + 72 port Extension ( 3 main unit in one system  , full configuration )

Fully Hybrid Ports :

Extension port is fully hybrid port , you can plug in the extension port with any brand / type of analog single line telephone , modems , answering machine , facsimile machine and proprietary keyphone ( only for proprietary keyphone should be NEC TOPAZ brand ) .

Euro ISDN BRI support :

By optional OP BOX  , We can take advantage of the integration of VOICE and DATA , the latest trend in telecommunications .

Built in Caller ID Detection and Transmission

Caller ID function displays the telephone numbers of incoming calls and / or names ( but you shoud use the telephone with ID caller display ) , so you can know who's calling before answering the phone.  You can also view records of up to 16 missed calls.

Voice Respons System ( VRS ) and Voice Mail

With additional ( optional ) announce card ( DSPDB ) and voice mail card ( CF-B1 ) , Aspila TOPAZ can handling incoming calls like an expert operator telephone .